January 1, 2012

Emotionally Damaged

So my family will move in to the new house tomorrow. Among all my family members I am the one who like this idea the least. Well our new house is big, nice, and beautiful, but I'm kind of a person who barely get out of my comfort zones. I hate changes. I hate new unfamiliar things. I just love my old house, especially my bedroom, really much. Though it's small and messy and not necessarily Elle Home kinda house, I love it and its comforting familiar atmosphere. All my family members have been busy running back and forth bringing our stuffs to the new house and I'm the only one who stays and watch tv for hours. In fact all I'm doing today is watching Star World and reruns of Kim & Kourtney Take New York. And other thing, I think I'm really emotional today. I don't know if it is because of the moving, but I cried watching Scott Disick being mean to his assistant (or maybe he's just simply a jerk). But I got teary eyed again when a Junior Masterchef Australia's contestant drops her cake and she cries. Well I admit watching little kids cry after they work so hard is kinda heartbreaking, especially when they are Australians (they are just so nice! At least based on what I saw on Masterchef).
After all maybe this is not about the new house but because of PMS instead (darn you period!)
Or maybe this is because of a certain someone...... .

New Year's Eve

dinner at Mastro steak market

Unlike previous years, my family is staying in Jakarta for new year. I thought my NYE would be another star world marathon but thanks to my aweeeesome family we spent it somewhere else. We grabbed dinner at this steak house then wandering around the city. At 11 we stopped around Ancol with tons other car. We watched the fireworks up to the last seconds of 2011 and it was magical. Well my NYE is not so lame after all :)
Anyway, in this new year, I wish to be better, to study harder, to get to my dream university, to be healthier, to be more grateful, to be happier, to laugh more, to still have my family & friends, and to be with you. ;-) happy new year!

December 31, 2011

Solitude Afternoon

So this afternoon I decided to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood with my bicycle. I love cycling especially in the morning. But since my sleeping cycle is quite messed up right now--I slept at 3 am and woke up at 11--it gonna require a little determination to wake up early. So instead I go cycling in the afternoon, with the air breeze and all. Then I went to this new minimarket in my neighborhood which basically like the quieter version of 7/11. I sip a cup of tea and munch some crackers and I feel really peaceful. My family will soon move to a new neighborhood and I realize I will miss this neighborhood very very much. The wide street, the grand entrance, the swimming pool, the trees..... As much as I admire my new house and all, the atmosphere won't be the same.
Well, my mom said we will move to the new house approximately in two days. So if that was the last time I cycled around the block..............I'm glad I did.